Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in a psychotherapy session?
My aim in every session is to provide a safe space for you to speak freely about the issues that are troubling you.  I will pay close attention to what you are saying and how you are experiencing your world.  I want to understand as much as I can about your difficulties and I will ask therapeutic questions designed to enhance your awareness and understanding of your own thought processes, emotions and ways of experiencing and relating to others.  By paying attention to your experiences and reactions in the here and now, we can generate new insights into their origins, and work towards lasting change.
How often should I be coming to therapy?
The evidence for interpersonal therapy suggests that weekly sessions can be very helpful in making and maintaining a good working alliance and in maximising change and personal growth.  However, how often you attend is a personal choice and may depend on your levels of distress or your current abilities to manage and tolerate your distress.  We can discuss this together when you come for your first session and we will review as we go along.  

How long will I be in therapy?
Again this is very much a personal choice.  You can do as much or as little as you want to do.  How long you stay may also be dependent on the difficulties you face and the pace which best suits you.  Psychotherapy works to address symptom relief alongside working with unresolved past experiences.  Depending on your own personality and personal history this can take some weeks, months or even years.  Generally the time to stop is when your difficulties are no longer distressing you in everyday life or placing limits on your ability to live in the here and now with joy and satisfaction.  I aim always to work ethically and professionally to keep the length of sessions you are paying for to a minimum.  I won’t keep you coming to sessions for my own financial gain.  

How am I safeguarded?
I am bound by the Code of Ethics of the professional body of the Institute of Transactional Analysis (ITA) of which I am a member.  I also abide by the good practice guidelines and Ethical Framework of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).  I hold Professional Indemnity Insurance and undertake regular supervision of my work, ensuring that all my clients are individually considered, whilst their identities remain confidential.

How much will it cost?
Individuals £50 per 1 hour session
Couples £70 per 1 hour session

What do I do now?
You can contact me by email or you can phone me (07527 268873).  This first contact will help me to understand some of your difficulties and what you might want from therapy.  From this contact you can decide whether you want to book an initial appointment to explore your difficulties further.

Nottingham, East-midlands, NG1 3HD