About Psychotherapy

Why Psychotherapy?

Sometimes events in our lives leave us feeling anxious, stuck and confused.  We might lose confidence in our own ability to make the changes we need to make or to break unhelpful and destructive patterns in our lives.  At other times we may feel overwhelmed or haunted by past events that threaten to intrude into our current life and relationships.  We may even experience a general or pervasive sense of dissatisfaction without being sure why.

At these times, psychotherapy can be very helpful in supporting you to understand and address your specific difficulties.  The psychotherapy process may help you to identify the changes you wish to make and to work with you rather than giving you advice and answers.  The therapy process is about talking to someone who is not invested in making you change but in supporting you to find the answers and the change that is right for you.

The aim of psychotherapy is to enable you to feel more grounded, confident and secure in your own ability to manage life and to move forward with a stronger sense of who you are and what you want from your life.

Short or Long Term Therapy?

Many people cope well with the challenges of life.  Sometimes a specific life event or situation may arise which leads you to seek professional help.  Short term, focused therapy may well be appropriate to resolve these difficulties.

Sometimes, though, you may be experiencing difficulties that are of a more long standing nature and which may be rooted in your past or have become entrenched over time.  Recurring depression, childhood trauma, long standing relationship difficulties and enduring anxiety may benefit from longer term therapy.  The aim of long term therapy is to address underlying and unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling and relating.

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